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Teacher training

Preparation for the teaching profession is offered in most fields of study as an additional, non-compulsory teaching specialisation. Every student may therefore, but need not, undertake this additional task. Completion of the Master’s degree and completion of the full teaching specialisation programme during studies enables students to become qualified to practise as a teacher.

In order to become a teacher, a candidate should first check what the teaching specialisation programme in a particular field of study is like and then contact a relevant tutor in charge.

Rector’s Deputy for Teacher Education

  1. The Deputy is responsible for: ensuring that the teaching specialization programmes comply with the standards set out in the regulations published by the Ministry of Education and Science;
  2. coordinating the process of teacher education preparing for the teacher profession at primary and secondary schools, as well as supporting the University units in its implementation;
  3. coordinating the offer of studies/training/courses to improve the teaching competences of primary and secondary school teachers;
  4. Disseminating good practice in the education of future teachers;
  5. Cooperating with state and local government institutions, social organisations, other domestic and foreign universities and the socio-economic entities to improve the quality of future teacher education.