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Excellence Initiative – Research University

“Excellence Initiative – Research University” is a programme financed by the Ministry of Education and Science allowing the University of Warsaw to undertake a range of activities to enhance the quality of its research and teaching activities and to strengthen the University international prestige.

The objectives of the programme aim to:

  • increase the impact of the University research activities on the development of global science, including in priority research areas with high development potential;
  • strengthen research cooperation with internationally renowned scientific institutions, particularly in priority research areas;
  • improve the quality of student education by launching new fields of study closely linked to research in priority research areas, by transfer of the latest research results and methodological developments into study programmes, by engaging students in research teams, and by recruitment of the best possible candidates from home and abroad;
  • ensure the best possible conditions for the scientific development of doctoral students and doctoral schools by establishing international scientific networks, involving doctoral students in international research projects and supporting the scientific mobility of doctoral students;
  • develop and implement comprehensive solutions for the professional development of the University staff, in particular young researchers; and
  • improve the quality of the University management.

Priority Research Areas

  • Science for the Planet – an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to identifying environmental, biodiversity, climate and health risks and seeking implementable solutions
  • Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds – seeking breakthrough innovations for the future: materials, energy sources and technologies for sustainable development
  • The Challenge of Petabytes – tools of advanced mathematics and computer science in the analysis of large data sets – from random processes in the stock market to medical diagnostics
  • The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities – humanities research that crosses disciplinary boundaries, developing innovative tools and models, broadening our understanding of mind, language and culture

Responding to Global Challenges – multidisciplinary teams studying the consequences